Friday, June 17, 2011

For your INFO!

If you want to be invited as an author just let me know. Also I am adding a link here to an article about buying coupon inserts from the internet. I would'nt doubt what one day we can't get ahold of coupons no more. I have a lady I know might can hook you up with a good huntsville times deal. Her name is Kristan Stanton and her email is so you canemail her if interested.

Hey Gals Let's Get Started

I have been talking around to some of my couponin friends and we thought we might start this blog back up to post our deals and finds. So let all your friends know and anyone that wants to post can let's just keep it about couponin!!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Here is my non grocery stockpile!!

This is my pile!!! In the basket on the top shelf, I have 11 razors and several refills. There is apprx. 25 bodywash, 19 deodorants, 15 toothpaste, 70 rolls toilet paper, 8 dishwasher, 6 tubs wipes, 17 cleaning supplies, 6 airfresheners, 10
washing powders, 3 diapers, dog and cat food, 5 boxes panti liners, 10 rolls papertowels, 12 dish detergent and much more.

You see why I am now only getting dirt cheap or free items? And this isn't any food items. I am now storing it in my canning pantry.

For all of you new extreme couponers, I have been married for almost 20 years and I have never had this kind of stuff until this year. It has take me approx. 6 months to aquire this stock.
**Note:Charlotte has way more than me!!!